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  1. Sponge Balls (Sleight Of Hand Routine).
  2. Wild Card Routine (9 Card Packet Transformation)
  3. Stripper Deck (Principal Of The Deck & Routine Utilizing It).
  4. Rising Card (Chosen Card Rises From Deck).
  5. $1.00 To $100.00 (Transformation Of One Dollar Into One Hundred Dollars).
  6. Card To Pocket (False Shuffling, False Cutting & Palming).
  7. Card Transformations On Face Of Deck (Utilizing Palming & Placing).
  1. Cups & Balls (Routine Where Balls Penetrate Through Solid Cup & Invisible Ball Appears).
  2. Ball & Vase (Ball Vanish & Appearance Routine).
  3. Svengali Deck (Principal of the Deck & Routine Utilizing It).
  4. Thumb Tip & Silk (Vanish & Appearance Of Silk Routine).
  5. Pen Thru Dollar (Bic Pen Penetrates A Dollar Bill Leaving No Hole In The Dollar).
  6. Dime & Penny Trick W/Mini Dime (Dime & Penny Is Placed In Spectators Hand, Dime Shrinks In Closed Spectators Hand).
  7. Penny To Dime (Penny Transforms To Dime).
  8. Dime Vanish/Produced From Ear (Sleight Of Hand Routine).
  9. Floating Match Stick (Levitation Of A Match Stick On A Playing Card


  1. Make-Up Application.
  2. Tips On Costume Construction.
  3. What Tricks You Need For : A 1 To 11/2 Hr. Clown Magic Show & How To Perform Them.
  4. How To Make Balloon Animals, Big Birthday Hats, Swords, Small Hats & Hearts From 260Q Balloons.
Magic Classes:
(914) 255-4729
(718) 333-5263   

The following chart is a list of the courses being offered.  Classes for each course are 2 hours a day, 1 day a week, for 4 weeks.  If a person wishes to advance through the course faster they may be allowed to take 2 classes a week for 2 weeks.  Upon completion of a course students will receive certificates acknowledging their completion of the course. All Magic Tricks and Props for the Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced courses are provided for the students and are theirs to keep.  The Magic Tricks and Props for the Magic Clown course are provided for learning purposes only. Normal cost per course is $250.00.  Promotional discounts of 20% will be applied for those who register before August 31, 2010



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  1. hip Routine (Sleight Of Hand Routine).
  2. Checker Routine (Sleight Of Hand Routine).
  3. Thread Work (Levitation Routine & Prop Construction).
  4. Invisible Card Deck (Mental Telepathy Routine).
  5. The Linking Cards (Three Card Linking Routine).
  6. Sawing A Person in 2 (Utilizing Two Cards One Representing The Person & The Other Representing The Magic Box).


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Canosmagic is now offering Magic Classes for adults, Teens & children 7 & Up. 


Richard is the owner and founder of Canosmagic. 
He is also known as: 

Cano The Magic Man 
Beetle Bum The Magic Clown 
Geppetto The Magician 

The Count 

Richard has been performing and teaching 
magic for over 25 years. 

In the past he has 
managed the magic department at 
Abracadabra Superstore. 

He performs Exclusively at Carmine’s 
Restraunt on Broadway as 
Geppetto The Magician 

The Count 

He also performs private and 
public engagements 
in the characters of: 
Cano The Magic Man 

Beetle Bum The Magic Clown. 

Richard is also well known in the film 
industry for his magic consulting work on 
Fox’s new hit series Fringe
& the remake of the Electric Company by Sesame Street. 

For more info on Classes Please Contact the Following:

(914) 255-4729